• Quality

    We provide software with QUALITY confirmed by largest market players references

  • Sustainable
    We produce easy to integrate solutions with a short ROI for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT
  • Growth
    We create IT systems geared to improve the enterprises profitability
  • Quality Sustainable Growth

    We focus on QUALITY, BALANCE and GROWTH

What we do

We provide high quality IT software including solutions dedicated to the services, trade and production sectors

What we offer?

We offer ready-made IT solutions that guarantee the profitability of cooperating companies, including the first LPS class software

Who we are

We are designers, creators and implementers of modern services, solutions and IT systems

We create modern, proprietary IT systems tailored to the specific Customer requirements and the industry specific.

We offer software dedicated to companies open to modern technological solutions. These are IT systems in the licensing system and implemented on demand, focused on fulfilling the strategic and business objectives of the cooperating Contractors.

Just in time

we operate based on the Customer requirements, keeping the deadlines set in the initial stage of the project implementation. Proper team management and the ability to plan work effectively allow for efficiency, satisfying for each side

High quality

high design standards and experience in the IT industry allow for flawlessly performed work, while creating solutions free of any defects guarantee the Customer work comfort. We provide cooperation at the highest level

Full effectiveness

we are open to any Customer suggestions at every stage of the project implementation. Thanks to this, we can create IT solutions tailored to individual needs. It is the flexibility that allows you to achieve a competitive advantage

Who are we
Designer, producer and supplier of top-class IT systems.

We deliver high-quality IT solutions for many industries and branches of trade, services and industry, confirmed by references from the largest market players. We are the creator of the first solution in the field of LPS automation and industrial IT on the market. We guarantee stable cooperation and IT implementations focused on short ROI, fast implementation and easy integration.

Take advantage of QSG EXPERTS experience
  • We design and implement creative IT solutions
  • We have competences to create custom products, dedicated solutions and on-demand software
  • We supply cross-platform web and mobile applications
Programmers and IT specialists
Years of experience in the IT industry
Years of experience in implementing ERP systems