What we have

It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best. William Edwards Deming

We develop proprietary IT software, with particular emphasis on solutions dedicated to the services, trade and production sectors.

Our know-how is programming, integration and implementation of IT systems in Polish and international corporations and SMEs, as well as subsequent post-implementation care.

The ERP / ECM class system providing efficient complaints management using web-mobile applications working in the real-time.

The system is used by Sales Salons where efficient quality management at all stages of the supply chain is important as well as the ability to communicate and report online.

  • Modern web and mobile applications supporting complaints handling
  • Lower costs and time of complaint processing
  • Better quality of goods on the shelf and higher customer experience
  • Ongoing verification of work and higher employees' productivity
  • Online applications registration, reliable data in real time
The first LPS class industrial software, designed for comprehensive optimization and production management in real time.

Use the system dedicated to manufacturing enterprises to achieve greater productivity with lower costs, using existing fixed assets.

  • greater efficiency using existing fixed assets
  • lower production costs while maintaining high quality products
  • optimization of production processes by key indicators
  • the reduction of waste and waste levels
  • short ROI, quick implementation and integration
Discover the system thanks to which you will automate the processes related to planning, commissioning, execution and monitoring of Tasks and Orders executed in the field.

The e-Service can be used by any Service Provider who deals with the execution of Orders in the field and any Owner of the Property who commissions Tasks to mobile companies and/or Employees.

  • Convenience thanks to web and mobile applications
  • Efficient management of mobile workers
  • Online monitoring of implementation and results of work
  • Electronic document and multimedia workflow
  • Economic and ecological savings