The first LPS class industrial software, designed for comprehensive optimization and production management in real time.

Use the system dedicated to manufacturing enterprises to achieve greater productivity with lower costs, using existing fixed assets.

  • greater efficiency using existing fixed assets
  • lower production costs while maintaining high quality products
  • optimization of production processes by key indicators
  • the reduction of waste and waste levels
  • short ROI, quick implementation and integration
The first LPS class industrial software, designed for comprehensive optimization and real-time production management.
Optimisation and management
Thanks to e-Production you receive current information on the efficiency of the fixed assets of the Machinery Park. All data is provided in real time, allowing you to make quick adaptive changes.
  • Modelling and optimising production processes through indicators
  • Current reporting of material indicators and events
  • Fast adaptive changes possible
  • Measurement of machines that are difficult to include in a manual data collection system
  • Support for Visual Management, TPM processes and Action List support
Technology and innovation
We provide an innovative product with high functionality and usability, easy to implement, increasing efficiency thanks to the use of good practices.
  • Reliable production results in real time
  • Compact devices and easy-to-read, configurable screens
  • Visualizations of production process management
  • Reports on productivity, risks and changes in production processes
  • No direct intervention in the operation of the machine
System architecture e-Production
The hardware solutions within the e-Production system do not interfere directly with the operation of the machine, so that there is no risk of loss of the factory warranty.
The system has been designed in such a way that its implementation can take place in any production plant. The system makes it possible to enter any performance parameters.
All designated persons have access to the information collected through e-Production. Access rights are granted by the system administrator and can be freely modified.
Stages of e-Production implementation
  • Installation of sensors Installation of sensors, controllers and network devices without direct intervention in the machine.
  • System connection Connection of the system to the database and server via hardware (data transmission via Ethernet).
  • Installation of touch screens Installation of touch screens at workstations operated by machine operators (for data input, observation of machine performance parameters, problem reporting, process control). The panels are equipped with RFID card readers
  • Data registration Registration of measurement data in the system takes place automatically. All key production parameters are displayed in real time.