The ERP / ECM class system providing efficient complaints management using web-mobile applications working in the real-time.

The system is used by Sales Salons where efficient quality management at all stages of the supply chain is important as well as the ability to communicate and report online.

  • Modern web and mobile applications supporting complaints handling
  • Lower costs and time of complaint processing
  • Better quality of goods on the shelf and higher customer experience
  • Ongoing verification of work and higher employees' productivity
  • Online applications registration, reliable data in real time
e-Quality allows elimination of time-consuming procedures related to handling complaints, and at the same time – limiting the risk of faulty goods appearing in the course of trade!
The Ramp and Warehouse Employer application
The Ramp and Warehouseman can efficiently report the product defects caught, limiting the risk of the appearance of damaged goods in further turnover.
  • Work in a dedicated mobile application Registration of defects in multimedia files (voice note, photo, film)
  • Fast signature on the screen of the mobile device on confirmation of receipt
  • Fewer mistakes in the documentation of the goods being accepted and issued
  • The elimination of paperwork for the electronic circulation of documents
Store and Exhibitor app
The Shop and Exhibition employee uses the mobile application to efficiently report information about defective goods caught on the shelf.
  • Work in a dedicated mobile application
  • Higher quality of goods on the shelf and quick reporting of defects
  • The function of the code scanner and editing data on a mobile device
  • Multimedia for better visualization of the incident
  • Efficient online communication with other departments, such as complaints or recoveries
Employee’s CS and Call Center app
A customer service employee uses the web application to accept customer complaints and to qualify damage types and reasons for returns.
  • Work in a dedicated web application
  • Fast and efficient work without paper documentation
  • Relevant quality data from complaining customers
  • Current access of Managers to the entered data
  • Control of employees of CSC, verification of competence and accuracy of decisions
Final Client application
The mobile and web application made available to the End Customer allows you to submit complaints with multimedia showing the detected defects.
  • Personalized mobile and web application
  • Possibility to file complaints in 24/7 mode
  • Ongoing tracking of complaints status without leaving your home
  • A shorter and more convenient procedure limiting the costs of the process
  • Higher customer experience rate despite complaints