Discover the system thanks to which you will automate the processes related to planning, commissioning, execution and monitoring of Tasks and Orders executed in the field.

The e-Service can be used by any Service Provider who deals with the execution of Orders in the field and any Owner of the Property who commissions Tasks to mobile companies and/or Employees.

  • Convenience thanks to web and mobile applications
  • Efficient management of mobile workers
  • Online monitoring of implementation and results of work
  • Electronic document and multimedia workflow
  • Economic and ecological savings
e-Service can be used wherever we deal with delegation of all kinds of Tasks!
Application of the Service Client and Facility Manager
The Facility Manager reports the event using a mobile application. The Owner of the Property submits Orders, monitors the execution of Tasks and tracks the statuses of the completed works through the web application.
  • Task assignment and monitoring in real time
  • Elimination of paper workflow
  • Elimination of burdensome traditional communication
  • Giving Employees the right to place Orders
  • Current statuses and multimedia to confirm the completion of the Tasks
Application of the Service Coordinator
The Service Provider accepts Orders in real time, conducts online communication with Property Owners, continuously coordinates Employees working in the field, monitors costs and determines planned revenues.
  • Working in an application available from the level of a web browser
  • Real-time access to all Reports and Orders
  • Efficient planning and execution of commissioned work
  • Effective management of Mobile Workers’ Teams
  • Monitoring of costs and determination of planned revenues
Mobile Service Leader application
Mobile Worker accomplishes tasks faster and more efficiently thanks to electronic checklists and technical documentation, code scanner and multimedia creation capabilities.
  • The application is installed on a mobile device with a GPS module.
  • Remote contact with the Coordinator
  • Real-time job control
  • Electronic checklists and technical documentation
  • Code scanner and media creation